MeOCR Free OCR Image to Text Converter
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MeOCR Help

Quick Overview:

MeOCR converts your scanned documents to editable text documents using OCR and exports them to Microsoft Word with one click. It can import files from any scanner or camera and also support multiple image file formats (bmp, tiff, jpeg, gif, png)

When you first open MeOCR you will notice to window panes each with its own tool bar:

Image Pane:

The Image Pane displays the image you have loaded into the application. You can either load images by scanning them or load them from file.

Text Pane:

The Text Pane displays the OCR conversion results from the document in the Image Pane.

Loading an image from file:

You can load an image from file using the File->Open menu item:

or the Load Image folder button on the tool bar:

Example of loading and recognizing an image from file:

Click on the Load Image button and select Sample_01.tif from the Samples folder under the MeOCR installation folder. Most likely it will be under “C:\Program Files\MeOCR\Samples\Sample_01.tif”:

Click on Open to load the image. The image will be loaded and displayed on Image Pane as show below:

Now click on the OCR button:

The image will be recognized and the results displayed on Text Pane as show below:

Next click on the MS Word button:

The image will now be exported to MS Word or your default Word Processing application.

Scanning a Document:

To scan a document just click on the Scan button:

You will get your scanner’s dialog. For best results select 300 DPI for resolution and Black and White for color settings. MeOCR can process color and gray scale images also but prefers Black and White for best results. Once you are ready click the OK or Scan button and MeOCR will do the rest. Once the scan is complete the image will be displayed in the image pane. To recognize it just click on the OCR button:

The Image Pane Tool bar:

Save image to file.

Load image from file.

Scan Image.

OCR (recognize) image.

Fit image to height.

Fit image to width.

Zoom image in.

Zoom image out.

Toggle layout display.

The Text Pane Tool bar:

Save text to file.

Clear text.

Zoom text in.

Zoom text out.

Export results to MS Word.

How to recognize a specific area or zone:

Load the image to be recognized. Next left-click on the area of interest and drag the mouse to highlight the area or zone of interest.  

To recognize it just click on the OCR button:

The recognized results for the selected text will be placed in the Text Pane as shown below: